Kwokchain is an experiment to push myself to write more. My hope is that sharing these more publicly will lead to more interesting discussions. If you’re reading this and I have less essays than you have fingers on one hand–I’m failing at this goal.

I’m particularly interested in understanding the underlying structures that shape industries and the core loops that drive companies.

I formerly worked at Greylock Partners investing in marketplaces, autonomous vehicles, crypto, and more. I also have a twitter, where I talk more and people understand me less.



This blog is not particularly focused on blockchain. And while I hope to cover supply chains, blockchains, and Markov chains—they don’t really encompass the scope of topics I want to cover.

But puns are hard to come by when your last name is Kwok, so here we are. It also helps that a good friend had already bought the domain for me as a joke.

I’m hoping that a decade from now blockchain will either have faded from relevance and readers will appreciate my creative original name, or blockchain will be ubiquitous and readers will marvel at my prescience.

Neither will be true.